Our Microplastics Research Lab.

Seabin has become data-led after realising a critical and global Microplastics data gap. Whilst our cleanup efforts have reached over 100 tons in 2 years, we understand that we will never win on volume alone.

Data and prevention can heal the planet with new policies and legislation for plastic pollution.


Seabin has the most accurate and reliable Microplastic data on the planet, and to further ensure a high standard of data, Seabin group have built the world’s first Microplastic and Ocean Health Research Lab based at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour, Sydney, with a 3-year residency. 


The Microplastics lab is staffed from Monday to Friday by two full-time marine scientists. Daily lab tours can be booked at the ANMM front desk.


Centre. Mahi Paquette (Seabin Foundation CEO & Director) cuts the ribbon to celebrate the launch of the Microplastics lab at the Australian National Maritime Museum in October 2022.


Resident Marine Scientists Karli and Tahlia staff the Microplastics research lab Monday to Friday.


Microplastics and other forms of plastic pollution are processed daily, with the Sydney Enviro techs dropping off data samples. Up to 15 comprehensive data sets are catalogued each week. An industrial freezer and commercial dehydrator combined with innovative design keeps any smells at bay 😉


Enviro Techs drop off data samples from the 32 Seabin units across the Sydney route that spans 20 km of densely populated shoreline.


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