How and why Seabin sells impact data

Question: Would you prefer to purchase a morning coffee that supports cleaner oceans if the cost was only slightly more?


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Seabin started off as a cleanup technology in 2016, and it quickly evolved into much more than that. In 2020, Seabin executed a major pivot and stopped selling Seabin’s, and instead sold impact data to corporate clients that wanted to add sustainability to their business models or add cleanup to their end of year or ESG reporting 😉


So why would a corporate or a business want to support cleaning up our oceans though? Well, the consumer market is changing rapidly, with a better-informed and possibly more responsible consumer looking to add purpose to their purchase.


But what does that mean? In short it means that if you want an edge over your business competition, it pays to support the planting of trees, protecting koalas or supporting the cleanup of our oceans.


Because if you had the choice between two similar products with similar price points, but one helped save the oceans and the other only create profit for the company, most people these days would choose the product that saves the oceans.


Seabin are now operational in Sydney, Australia, and LA, USA.


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