The Team.

The Seabin team are spread between Australia, North America, Asia and Europe.


The Australian team


Australia. Seabin Pty Ltd

Pete Ceglinski, CEO + Co Founder

Charlie Griffith, General Manager, Seabin HQ

Veronica Bellman, Business Administration

Fallon White, Head of Global Partnerships

Hannah Mitchell, Partnerships Accounts Manager

James Delahuntley, Graphic Design

Kieran Gillfeather, Content Creation

Tom Batrouney, Operations & Experience

Jack Vitnell, Head Enviro + Data Systems

James Plasto, Enviro Tech & Volunteer Co-ordinator

Timothy Loveridge, Enviro Tech


Australia. Seabin Foundation Ltd

Mahi Paquette, CEO + Director

Solomon Wadani, Data & Program Manager

Karli Mylius, Laboratory Research Technician

Tahlia Devine, Lead Laboratory Research Technician


North America. Seabin LLC (USA)

Bryan Plante, Seabin USA General Manager

Scott Taylor, Global Partnerships

Andrew Bearer, Enviro Tech

Hayden Gould, Project Manager North America


Seabin Global

Paola Marcon, European Operations Manager

Jaymee Dionso, Administrative Support


Our CEO & Co-Founder, Pete Ceglinski, was recognised this year in the top 10 of 100 Australian innovators.



North American Project Manager Hayden Gould at one of the various community events in Philadelphia as a part of our US EPA data monitoring project.


Left to right. Andrew Bearer (Enviro Tech), Scott Taylor (Global Partnerships), Pete Ceglinski (CEO & Co-Founder) and Bryan Plante (Seabin USA General Manager) taking a break on the ocean during our LA launch in July 2022.


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