The Model.

In June 2020, after a rapid yet unsustainable scaling phase that saw a market entry into 53 countries in only two years, Seabin pivoted, did the unimaginable and ceased to sell Seabin’s, which created an innovative and very scalable business model based on leased services, ARR and corporate partnerships to support smarter cities in reducing their environmental footprint and improving water quality.


To service a city, the model is split into two entities. 


Seabin Pty Ltd. For Profit Conservation.


  • Services and maintenance
  • Impact Data
  • New technologies
  • Marketing IP


Seabin Foundation Ltd. Not-For-Profit


  • Data
  • Prevention
  • Community
  • Educational Programs
Illustration of the current Seabin services across Sydney Harbour.


What is a Seabin?

A Seabin is a cross between a pool skimmer and a trash can. It is not used in the ocean. It is installed upstream on floating or fixed structures. A solar-compatible water pump draws the top 10mm of surface water into the unit, where a filter captures plastics, and then the water flows back out of the unit.

A solar power-compatible submersible water pump pulls surface water in; floating trash, including Microplastics, are also pulled in and captured in a filter; cleaner water then passes through the unit and back into the water.

  • The original V5 Seabin filters 600,000 litres of water per day
  • The new 6.0 Seabin filters 1.3 million litres of water per day


What is 100 Smarter Cities by 2050?

Seabin has evolved from simply selling an award-winning upstream clean-up device into a comprehensive and scalable services package. 

Our 100 cities program involves the community, including volunteers, private companies, corporate companies, the government, and individuals who want to be part of a global solution to plastic pollution.

The collective aim is to turn off the pollution tap through behavioural change, to protect our oceans and ensure a healthy and prosperous planet for all species in the near and distant future.


Great! What does it do?

  1. Supports cities in becoming “Cleaner Destinations” for economic benefit
  2. Reduces a city’s environmental footprint and visibly improves water quality
  3. Creates world-first data sets that support decision-makers
  4. Creates partnerships and collaboration opportunities with educational and research institutes
  5. Creates world-first Microplastics data to be used in supporting and creating best practices, legislation, and policies
  6. Monitors taxpayer-funded initiatives like single-use plastic bans, plastic bag bans etc
  7. Better inform communities and key stakeholders about the problem of microplastics and plastic pollution in our waterways and oceans
  8. Creates employment
  9. Clean-up and recovery of plastics, Microplastics, microfibres, oil, fuel and more.


Parking tickets found in Seabins have been shedding light on the unexpected “Governance & Accountability” issues faced.


How is it funded?

Seabin has created a robust corporate sponsorships program. The model is simple and involves multiple tiers to suit various budgets.


Each city includes 3-year terms for


Tier 1: Principal Sponsorship (1 per city)

Tier 2: Major Sponsorship (4 per city)

Tier 3: Unit Sponsorship (multiples)


What are the benefits to a sponsor?

Generally, a sponsor signs up to support Seabin in delivering tangible and visual impact to improve the water quality in a city. It’s an impact and marketing-driven campaign about being a part of an innovative global solution and building communities.


Each tier is different, but here are some of the benefits listed below, 


  1. Quarterly and yearly impact reports being used for social media content, sustainability, marketing, CSR & ESG reporting
  2. Your name on fleet vehicles, Seabin units and signage (subject to sponsorship level)
  3. Social media assets
  4. Posting on Seabin social media channels
  5. Media days
  6. Employee days
  7. Events


Our amazing Sydney partners.


Some examples of Sydney, our first city in the new business model.

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