For the Prevention and Reduction of Microplastics and Plastic Pollution

We have been working hard in the background to design and implement a new financial model and product that can support a wider market and is scalable, and we are nearly ready to share it with everyone!


An integrity document will be made publically available with the new products and includes an overview, methodology, design, and a claims guide section to help prevent the possibility of greenwashing by purchasers.


Short Executive Summary


Objective: To prevent and reduce microplastic and plastic pollution in marine environments, leveraging the commercial value to fund nature repair and protection.


Concept: Utilizes a “Polluter Pays” concept without involving offsets, credits, or neutrality, distinct from other biodiversity or carbon credit schemes.


Integrity Document: This publically available document aims to build confidence in Seabin Pty Ltd’s model, methodology, and the scheme itself.


Short Scheme Overview


Focus: Targets microplastics and plastic pollution through reduction and prevention methods. Prevention is achieved by data derived from the project and includes brand audits and legislative support. The project data may also support waste management improvements, community engagement, educational programs, and material innovations.


Benefits: Highlights environmental and financial advantages, such as enhancing marine and freshwater ecosystems, improving public health, boosting tourism, benefiting the fishing industry.




“The Nature Repair products are designed to prevent and reduce microplastics and plastic pollution. The data derived from the project will support better practices, new legislation and policies




Because branded litter and waste leakage is a prolific problem, the Nature Repair products primarily focus on the “Polluter Pays” concept. The Nature Repair products have been designed for a wide sector, including



Plastic Producers & Companies dependent on single-use-plastics



Small to Medium Businesses




Whilst SME’s and corporates can calculate and purchase their impact, subscription plans will also be available for retailers, families and individuals who want to do more for the environment.


A limited amount of Nature Repair products will be released first to determine market demand, so stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks!