FinTech & Corporate Specialist Joins Seabin Board To Scale Up Nature Repair Data

Seabin is thrilled to announce the appointment of Chris Wilson as a company Director. Chris will also provide corporate and climate tech advisory support to the company and the leadership team.  


Chris has an extensive background in business strategy and technology consulting, has worked across the spectrum of venture capital, including cofounding a fintech venture fund and has advised multiple startups on scaling and capitalising their business. He also has a well-known passion for working with purpose-led companies focused on positive environmental, sustainability and climate outcomes.  


“I am really excited to join Pete and the Seabin team. From an initial innovative approach to ridding the oceans of plastics to a realisation of the power of data to drive true change at scale, Pete’s vision has captured my attention, and I am committed to helping them deliver on the enormous potential of the Seabin solution.” 


In only two years since Seabin launched its innovative 100 cities by 2050 model, which was nominated for the David Attenborough Earthshot prize, and also caught the attention of the  United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Seabin is now set to pass the $1m ARR milestone this month, revenue generated from commercialising impact data from the city pilot. Now with the addition of Chris and a dynamic advisory board currently being assembled, Seabin’s goal is to create a new financial data product in line with the emerging $137B Biodiversity and Nature Repair market here in Australia. This new market is emerging from the highly successful $900B carbon market and is being driven by consumers demanding that companies add purpose to their business models, as reported by Forbes


“It’s great timing for Chris to come onboard, as Seabin has really found its true value proposition, being our impact data. Now with a solid team behind Seabin and hitting some big milestones, I am beyond excited to have Chris join Seabin in creating these new financial products that will scale up our impact globally, our revenue, and most importantly, help repair the planet,” says Pete Ceglinski, CEO & Co-Founder of Seabin. 


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