Our Sydney Partners.

Our sponsorships model delivers impact for businesses that are looking to support transparent and credible initiatives. The model also enables Seabin to clean up cities whilst we deal with the glacial speed of the bureaucracy involved to obtain the much-needed government financial support currently missing.



Our sponsor packages include employee days down on the dock and now in our brand-new Microplastics research laboratory at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour, Sydney.



Yamaha Outboards Australia has proudly come on board as a major sponsor for the Sydney campaign.



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Our Impact.

100 Tons of Marine Litter Captured in Sydney


The projected amount of microplastics, plastic fibres and more to be collected each year in Sydney harbour was predicted at 28 tons; this number has nearly doubled, with over 100 tons captured from June 2020 to November 2022.


Below are some of the insights and examples of how the data can be used to monitor taxpayer-funded initiates like plastic bag and single-use bans.


A huge milestone for Seabin and the Sydney community.


3000 football fields covered in plastic shopping bags.


5,600 Olympic swimming pools filtered for Microplastics.


301 Single-use plastic items are captured every day in Sydney Harbour.


With the plastic bag ban only coming into effect in June 2022, we hope to see a reduction over time.


Covid brought a new litter category in the form of PPE.


1,101 soft plastics are captured in Sydney Harbour each day. Now with RedCycle ceasing recycling operations, Seabin will be monitoring Sydney Harbour to see if there is an increase or not in volume.




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